Saturday, May 21st - 9pm

The Casa Loma Ballroom

3354 Iowa St.



Hosted by Loleezbo


Lilly Rascal - Chicago

Rebel Vitale - Asheville

Tito Bonito - L.A.



Auralie Wilde - STL

The Bon Bons - STL

Bazuka Joe - Chicago

Captain K Goodlove - NYC

Dark Angel - STL

Diva la Tap - STL

Dixie Denier - STL

Eddie Lockwood - New Orleans

Gigi Holliday - NYC

Evelyn Invert - L.A.

Kinetic Kristen - Nashville

Lola Coquette - Portland

Scarlet Starlet - Richmond

Shelbelle Shamrock - Houston

Sucre La Creme - Montreal

The Great Dane - New Orleans

Toni Tobasco - Fort Worth

Tease Supreme - Hot Springs

Vivacious Miss Audacious - New Orleans


Lineups subject to change