Cooler on the Internet: Adding Sparkle to Your Social Media

with SiomaiMoore

Held at: The Monocle 4510 Manchester Ave
Time: 12:30 p.m.
Price: $ 15

In “COOLER ON THE INTERNET: Adding Sparkle to Your Social Media”, Siomai Moore will walk you through building a strong and appealing social media presence that represents you as a performer! Siomai will share her insights gained over the years as a decision scientist in the advertising and marketing industry. In this class you will learn to create a consistent online voice, curate your online image, and engage with your audience. You will leave this class with some fun tips-and-tricks and the tools to build and activate your social media strategy.

Siomai (show-my) Moore, The Steamiest Asian Dumpling, is a burlesque performer based in Chicago. She debuted in 2018 after her GRINDuation from Delinquent Debutantes in Nashville and is World Famous *BOB*'s drag daughter in the House of *FAMOUS*. In Muggleverse, Siomai has 2.5 degrees in Economics and is a decision scientist in the marketing and advertising industries. She's helped big brands and burlesque production companies, schools, & performers with adding spark to their online presence. Siomai Moore brings her own flavor of big-bodied burlesque wherever she rolls!

Photo by Bettina May