Executive Producer

Lola Van Ella

photo by Virginia Harold

Lola van Ella is an international and award winning burlesque singer, dancer, producer, instructor and emcee.  One of the premier names in burlesque, she performs and produces many shows, including the international Show-Me Burlesque Festival, the largest of its kind in the Midwest, The Shimmy Showdown, and Spectaculaire. Lola is the CEO of Van Ella Productions and Studio, which was the home of burlesque, vaudeville and variety education and entertainment in St. Louis for a decade. Alive Magazine named her one St. Louis' most influential people and she made headlines as a featured presenter for the largest Tedx event in St. Louis.

Lola has been voted as one of the most influential performers in 21st Century Burlesque's Top 50 Burlesque Performers worldwide since its inception, and strives to always be the show she wishes to see in the world.  In reference to her performance style, 21st Century wrote, “Striptease and song is so often a marriage that doesn’t quite work. So few performers can do both to a high standard, and at the same time. But Lola is an example of how well it can be done. It’s the little gestures, winks, raising of the eyebrows and knowing smiles that make her performances special.”

As a performer, Lola has performed and hosted 5 times at Miss Exotic World has headlined the New Zealand, Colorado, Vancouver, Chicago, Kansas City, Ohio, Como Lake, and London Burlesque Festivals and in engagements and shows all over the world. She now resides in New Orleans where she produces and performs frequently.




Associate Director

Bazuka Joe

photo by Kaylin Idora

Bazuka Joe is one third of The Stage Door Johnnies from Chicago, named BHoF "Best Group 2011". Bazuka has headlined and toured throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Trained in contemporary, classical, and jazz dance, theater, and vault staff he is a seasoned teacher and instructor with more than fifteen years of experience teaching and directing at a professional level.





Associate Director 

Jeez Loueez


Associate Producer

Kristen Goodman aka Captain K. GoodLove

photo by Sarah Goodman

Kristen Goodman is a versatile performer, entertainment producer, and entrepreneur with nearly two decades of event experience and nearly four decades of performance experience. With a degree in Business & Marketing from UMSL and a Capricorn drive for excellence, Kristen cultivates innovation and efficiency in all her projects. She has co-produced many large scale events with Lola Van Ella and Van Ella Productions including The Big Gay* Soirée, Wonderland, and LEZ DANCE. She is a frequent guest vocalist with The Van Ella Band, she leads a womxn’s folk rock tribute band called kg lang, an acoustic string band called Ghost Light, and she plays solo shows regularly around the St. Louis region. Kristen’s alter-ego, Captain K. GoodLove, made her burlesque sing-and-strip debut in New Orleans in 2018, her Show-Me Burlesque Festival debut in 2019, and her Bourbontown Burlesque Festival debut in 2020. More info at kristengoodman.com and on FB/Insta @kristengoodmansings.  Oh, Captain, my Captain! 





Swag Bag, Performer Relations

Greta Garter

Social Media


photo by Terry Witt


It’s the hell-bound hussy and satan themself, SAILEM! from St. Louis, Missouri (MISERY) 

Here to capture your soul and heart!

Called "A star on the rise!" by Lola van Ella, this fearless performer is known for pushing all of the boundaries, their theatrical twisted visions, and musicality.

Sailem had their start in January 2016 as a graduated student from Van Ella Studios. In the past few years, they've made several notable appearances including multiple tours with The Van Ella Bordella, performing with The Big Gay Soiree, The Show Me Burlesque Festival, The Roux Festival in New Orleans, competing and then winning the Shimmy Showdown, performing and traveling with Jeezy’s Juke Joint- and is NOW a producer of “The Devil’s Cabaret” with drag and burlesque star Maxi Glamour, as well as running their brand new dance/strip-club party “FILTH”.

This fireball is a force to be reckoned with.. and is ready to rock your world!


Production and Stage Manager

Mama Megan




Vendor and Backstage Coordinator

Bibi Dazzle

photo by Dom and Lens

The Dazzling Beauty from South St. Louie!

This midwest maven got her burly start studying alongside some of St. Louis’s best at ​Van Ella Studios.​ In 2011 she debuted her first solo number, ultimately earning a spot in Lola Van Ella’s Bon Bons​. Since then, BiBi has delighted audiences across the country, at The Oklahoma City, Kansas City, New Orleans, and Colorado Burlesque festivals, as well as being a veteran of her hometown’s ​Show Me Burlesque Festival.

In 2017, BiBi marauded across the plains of the US with the ​Van Ella Bordella​, as one of its bawdy casts of harlots on a ​Van Ella Bordella​ ​Wild West Tour.​ This immersive story of brothel life and the courtesans that serviced the masses brought their debauchery to the stages of Uptown Arts Bar​ in Kansas City (MO), ​The Clock Tower Cabaret​ in Denver (CO), ​The Gold Room​ in Colorado Springs(CO) as well as ​The Palace ​in Sante Fe (NM). The show also opened up for Sandra Bernhard at ​The Grandel, ​back home in St. Louis.

BiBi’s solo credits include shows at ​The Gay 90’s​ (produced by ​Sweet Pea​) and ​Lush​ (produced by ​Elektra Cute​) in Minneapolis(MN), and ​The White Rabbit Cabaret​ in Indianapolis (IN) as a featuredperformerguestof​TheRocketDollRevue.S​ he’salsoanactivememberofupand coming, diversity focused collaboration,​ The Quaf Crew​.

Sensational and sensuous, salacious and sultry, this South City sister casts her spell with style, with charm, and with a healthy dose of swagger.

Dolly Mama

Sponsor Relations

photo by John D Williams

Dolly Mama spent her childhood on the stage dancing, singing, and acting. In 2013, she reconnected with her passion as a performer and became a student at Van Ella studios in St. Louis, where she discovered the power and joy of bringing her talents together on the burlesque stage. Blending unexpected humor with a graceful, classic style, this singing burly beauty is known for her hilarious original song parodies and embellished costumes. A member of The Bon-Bons and The Dreamsicles, she’s also a successful producer and host of shows like Stripefy: A Stunning Harry Potter Tribute, Nips at Nite, The Bon-Bon’s Boudoir: An Intimate Cabaret, and Burlyeoke: You sing, we strip! She’s had the distinct honor of performing solo and with her troupes in the 2019 Shimmy Showdown, Missouri Burlypicks 2018, Show-Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival, Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival, The Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival, Colorado Burlesque Festival, Spectaculaire!, and The Beggar’s Carnivale. Her naughty wit and coquettish charm will make you say “amen!” This guru of grind is the answer to all your prayers.

Resident DJ & Head of Sound

DJ Elena



Ticketing and Box Office

Dizzy Tunt

photo by John D Williams

Dizzy Tunt has been the Ticketing Coordinator for Van Ella Productions since 2015. She is a St. Louis-based performer and producer, as well as a founding member of the nerdlesque troupe, the Nerds of Prey. Dizzy is also an instructor at the St. Louis School of Burlesque and Variety. Since 2016, she has been shaking her assets across the midwest, everywhere from Anime conventions to comedy festivals, with appearances at the New Orleans Nerdlesque Festival and the Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival.


Education Coordinator

Sindee Hoo Hoo

photo by Dom and Lens

SinDee Hoo Hoo is a classically trained dancer with over 20 years of experience and has been performing in St. Louis burlesque since 2011 after graduating from Van Ella Studios. She is the Madame in Chief of St. Louis Burlesque - the next phase of Van Ella Studios - as well as a producer of Hoo Hoo Productions. SinDee is a classic and neo burlesque performer and performance artist who can be found throughout the United States. This audacious and voluptuous cat lady brings the fuckery out of the glitterbox with the goal of leaving everyone aroused, illuminated, and slightly confused. She is the Harlot of Hooville.


Head of Stage Security






Head of House Security





Webmaster, Transportation, Stuff

Luke Thighwalker

photo by Gina Simon

I build things that do stuff with crap on the internet.  Musician, recording/mixing engineer, all around theatre tech and handyperson.