We are thrilled to bring you some fantastic workshops as part of the Show Me Butlesque Festival!

*All workshops take place May 20th and 21st at The Golden Record and Mynx Academy. 

Classes are $20 and can be reserved by Venmo @auralie-wilde  
or Paypal.me/Auraliewilde


You MUST add a note for which class(es) you are signing up for.* 

Classes must have a minimum of 5 students to run, in the event of a cancellation, full refunds will be available. Otherwise, classes are non-refundable. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to auralie.wilde@gmail.com 

Friday at Golden Record (2720 Cherokee Street) 
Main Floor  
11-12pm: Ballet meets Burlesque with Pandora Foxx 
This class is a fusion of ballet techniques and principles that then span into burlesque forms, poses, spins, transitions, and traditional moves. 

12:15- 1:15: Faces and Fingers Stage Presence with Lilly Rascal 
Faces and fingers (stage presence class):Just as amazing as your costumes should be, your confidence and facial expressions should be something else to wear onstage - in this confidence/stage presence workshop, Lilly Rascal will guide you through tricks for your body and mind that will help you feel more ready to be onstage and show your talent. Using mirrors, dance, and acting techniques this class will explore how you can be your best onstage with a wink and a nod.


1:30-2:30: Show-Me! how you GRIND! Shan de Leers 
mixed tempo movement class based around foundational burlesque movements. This class is designed to strengthen your movement foundation AND your core! We will grind, circle, and, drag our through this sweaty sexy dance out. All levels class with modifications available for all mobilities.

2:45- 345pm: “Outside of the Clam Shell" Dynamic Fan Dancing with Bessie Boutté
The clam shell is pretty and all but how do you take your fan dancing to the next level? After a quick review of the basics we dive into the mechanics of how to build dynamic movement utilizing several fan based props. Bessie will use her skills as an Engineer and Yoga trainer to teach planes, movement and ways to increase upper body mobility for dynamic, complex fan work. 

Please wear something comfortable that you can move in and steer clear of things that fit tightly or are bulky around your shoulders and elbows. If you wear shoes when performing bring them but they are not required. Bring any fan based prop: traditional feather fans, boa fans, silk fans, fairy wings, etc. If you don’t have something to practice with no problem! There will still be plenty to learn. 

4-5pm: Sh!t Happens with Autumn Leaves 
In this workshop, we’ll discuss the unpredictability of performing. In a competition environment, conditions are kept as consistent as possible, but in other performance settings like showcases and large stage events, things may not always go as planned. 

We will talk about the importance of recovering after the unexpected happens, as well as ways to prepare yourself for such an occasion. 

The end of the workshop we will do some basic choreography and then throw some monkey-wrenches (safe ones!) into the mix.

The audience wants to see you succeed, and the best part of an on-stage blunder is nailing the recovery! 

12:15- 1:15: 30 Minute Face with Willy LaQueue 
Ever had the nightmare where you wake up from a nap and have 30 minutes to get to your gig? If you've ever had to incorporate sunglasses into your look because you didn't have time to perfect your smoky eye, this workshop is for you. We will be identifying the most crucial steps for getting a stage-ready makeup look, and Willy will be dropping his best tried-and-true tips for creating the most glamorous visage possible in the shortest amount of time. 

Materials to bring:
Eyeshadow (at least black, brown, and white/ivory)
Foundation in your color (the more coverage, the better)
Cosmetic glitter
False eyelashes & lash glue
Setting powder

More eyeshadow colors
Setting spray
Rubbing alcohol in spray bottle

1:30-2:30: Decolonize Burlesque History with Bella Sin 
Learn about history of burlesque and the movement to promote decolonization of white washing in the industry.

2:45- 345pm: Basic Mindfulness Grounding Techniques For Performers with Deanna Sophia (Danger) 
Stage fright, the “nervous pee,” imposter syndrome, anxiety. It’s hella real. We all experience various causes and conditions that contribute to energetic instability. Quite the inconvenience when we want to have a grounded baseline from which to offer our art on stage for our audience. Mindfulness is both a technique and a tool to have in our self-care toolkit to assist in cultivating a resonant relationship with our own nervous system and body. Incorporating the principles of a mindfulness meditation practice into our pre-performance, grounding rituals supports our effort toward managing balance amidst the chaos. 

In this part lecture, part practice class, students will learn about the definitions and foundations of mindfulness, be walked through several basic grounding techniques, then be offered a short guided practice meditation, all through a trauma-sensitive approach. Students will receive an energetic-inventory exercise to help them better understand when and how to intentionally cultivate grounding practices into their pre-performance rituals. Students are encouraged to bring a comforting sensory object (such as a favorite hoodie, plushie or crystal) for the session along with analog or similarly accessible note-taking tools.

This 1-hour class session is facilitated by Deanna Sophia (Danger), who is a non-binary, queer, neurodivergent, IPV-survivor who teaches accessible, trauma-sensitive mindfulness and radical community wellBEing. They are completing a 2-year mindfulness meditation teaching certification, on scholarship, accredited by UC Berkeley. 


4-5pm: Production 101: Get Your $h!t Together with Roula Roulette
So you’re producing a Burlesque show? Then buckle up! This workshop walks you through successful show production from casting call to curtain call. Confused about contracts, casting calls or knowing if you have the right stage crew? Roula can help! With over 10 years of experience in live theatrical production Roula will review communication tips and tricks, negotiating pay with your performers, putting together your casting call, graphics, sponsorship, performer outreach and MORE. Come prepared to take notes! Each student will leave with multiple templates and examples for their personal use.



Saturday at Mynx academy (3190 Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO) 
1:30-2:30: Flow Motion for Every Body with Michelle Mynx  
Floor work for everyone! This class celebrates your assets and teaches
you to highlight them. Learn flows that work alone or
with pole, bare foot or in heels, for the flexible or the not so
flexible, and all sizes and shapes. Learn to dance your way to your feet and back to the floor.
Michelle loves to create variations that work for every body type. Including shoulder rolls and splits (or fake splits!) 
Learn various tricks to create your desired illusion. All levels welcome. 


2:40- 3:55: Hosting For Burlesque with Tito Bonito (75 minutes) 
A 75-minute lecture and discussion workshop exploring the key elements of a strong emcee both on and off stage. Learn how to talk to producers as well as performers. Also take the tools you need to gauge an audience and find your voice. Plus a chance to apply your newfound skills to help you become a sought after host in the world of burlesque and beyond.

4-5pm: Work That Camera! with Dusty Bahls 
Self promotion over the internet is an essential attribute for any performer! In this workshop you will be given all the tips and tricks to show off the best you that lens can capture! Learn poses, angles, cheats, lighting and how to communicate with your photographer the best way to feature your hot ass features!

Saturday at Golden Record 
12:15- 1:15: Empowered Pumps with Rebel Vitale 
“Empowered Pumps”-This class works on jazz/funk essentials in heels, builds confidence and poise, and helps you find that inner diva! We will begin with a short warmup, concentrating on strength training and isolations, and then learn a heels combo that will make us feel like the sexy goddexxes we are! 

1:30-2:30: The Long Con with Gigi Holliday 
It is always a good idea to take it slow and make them wait. Let’s create an elaborate confidence game that develops in several stages over an extended period of time, also known as a slow burn. Together we will discover mesmerizing movements that mystify your audience and make them beg for more.

2:45- 3:45: Tricks of the Trade- Chair-dance Floor-work Combo with Zara Estelle 
Let's fuse your chair and floor work with specialty dance tricks to spice up your dance vocabulary for routines! This workshop is designed to gradually push your limits, and help you gain more trust with yourself. In this class you will learn stretching, strengthening, flexibility, transitions on and off on the ground, rolls, tricks, leg work, and is a full body workout focusing on the core. From chair dance, to floor work, to twerking and more, you will learn moves that will give your act a climax! 

4-5pm: Lap Dance for Fat Babes with Deeva Rose 
Have you always wanted to give a lap dance but struggled with where to begin? Are you looking to create a sexy surprise for your partner? Do you want to feel like a badass and move your sexy bod? This workshop is for you.

Join Deeva Rose in a lap dance workshop designed for Fat Babes! 

In this class you will learn the elements of striptease, chair and floor-work dance moves and the tools to find confidence and self love.

If you consider yourself a larger body, plus size, fat, pudgy, husky etc this an exclusive class is for you.