Hear what they’re saying about us!

“Saucy, naughty, sultry acts from Nashville to New Zealand, this Festival has something for everyone. Vaudeville never knew variety until the performers from Show Me Burlesque took the stage.” – Explore St. Louis

“Show Me is an experience that evolves every year to encompass a plethora of debaucherous shenanigans while simultaneously reaching new levels of spectacle and integrity that push our beloved art forms of burlesque and vaudeville variety to new heights.” – Siobhan Atomica for 21st Century Burlesque

“The three-night Show-Me Burlesque Festival is a tribute to a St. Louis tradition.” – Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“The show was not only creatively put together by a passionate group of artists; the acts in the show were, simply put, OFF THE F***ING HOOK!…Thanks Show Me Burlesque Festival! I’ll be back for sure!” – Peekaboo Pointe for 21st Century Burlesque